Sane Tides

Who are you?
I don’t know you anymore.
What’s happened to you?
You’ve changed.
I need that person back.
I believe all of the above is possible,
but not crazy.

Stress can reach too high.
Focus can splash into divide.
Pressure can push us out of control.
Worry can keep us from feeling whole.

Trying to keep our priorities straight,
collisions can cause it difficult to rate.
One or two situations may be easy to tackle,
Too many got both hands and feet in shackles.

Hard to tell how far down depression sinks,
with no bad habits, not even the drink.
Strange these days how normal this may seem.
When you slip out of focus, was reality the dream?

We must find patience, and wait for one another,
Mother, Father, Sister, Brother or lover.
and stand by each other as not to disappear,
showing love, encouragement and concern with no fear.

Tides of life, like the ocean are fierce at times.
Give each other that same chance to unwind.
Not always our fault life systems crash our sanity.
Greed, selfishness, and lies can sicken our humanity.

For those who’ve escaped the shackles of the bottom,
it is evident survival can succeed some current problems.
When twist and turns are happening to one another,
patience can help reveal the evidence of recover.

Our world is changing, new plans are predestined to take lead.
The hurt and pain it’s causing are like the hurricanes we’ve seen.
Now challenging the strength of the people to hold back the tides,
showing our strength is in our love for all life. Open your eyes.

Author: Cosima

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