Road rage is dangerous and deadly.  Too many people are finding that their intolerance, and lack of ability to be passive and evasive to the many different personalities behind wheels, can backfire into consequences they did not expect, and were not prepared for.  People who are angry and driving, are not usually angry at you, mostly.  They just have to hurry and get off the road altogether for whatever personal reasons, or they must make it to their destination which may ease some of the tension that driving adds irritation to. 

Maybe there’s just too many people on the road these days.  Everybody has a car.  Let them go ahead, let them get around you, or simply away from you.  Don’t pull up and curse at them, please don’t give them the finger, and don’t stare so hard they give you the finger, let it go, get past it.  I know sometimes it’s a stupid move made, I’ve done it, and yes, it was stupid, and people looked at me like I was stupid.  Actually, that made me feel worse.  Now I’m disappointed at my own stupid actions, or reactions, but I’ve grown up since then, and thank God I’m still alive to do it. 

It’s easy to say we all eventually get over it, but it’s not true.  Some people will chase the issue, follow up with vengeance, even try shooting for the pleasure of pulling the trigger on someone believing they’ve got a reason, though a petty one.  I’ve had my car scratched up badly with keys or something, and they spit on it several times.  I guessed it may have been for parking in a space I didn’t even know somebody else wanted and was trying to get to, didn’t know them either, as I remembered the evil expressions on the faces of some kids in a car that pulled up as I was getting out of mine.  I’m sure it was them.  Yes, immature people will beat up your car to get back at you, even if you had no ideal of having anything to do with their disappointment. Be careful, road rage participants may even pull up along side of you tempting a challenge.  My goodness, how mad is the world? 

What’s worse than the above, is cars have their own communicative language:  break lights, turning signals, horns, of which many avoid the use of.  Blow your horn when the need to drive fast is an emergency, people know things like that happens.  OK – How far away from the hand is a turn signal?  Oh, now I can understand if the signal light is out, or the break light is out, with the money it cost to get it fixed, you may have to wait on the next pay day, but I’ve seen this happen when the turning signal works.  AND:  What’s on a persons mind that actually wait until they reach the corner to make the turn, and in the process of making the turn, then turn the signal on?  What about the driver behind you that don’t know you’re about to immediately slow down to make a turn?  What’s wrong with turning on your signal half way of the block before the intersection?   These are only a few reasons why we need to find patience in ourselves for other people.  It is impossible to know and understand the difficulties in other peoples lives that hinder their cognizant abilities. 

There is no law that states:  Don’t Drive Angry!, or Don’t Drive Stressed!, or Don’t Drive Crying or Confused!.  I can remember when people used to go out driving and riding just to relax, get some air, change of atmosphere, go to the lake or ocean just to smell the  fresh air, or just to break away from home for awhile.  Now people are impatiently trying to get home off the road, and hate having another reason to get back in the car and back on the road.  What has happened?  Can we stop pouring death into road rage?  Can we exercise the power of CALM?  I know it’s hard, but try.


Author: Cosima

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