With my head above the water.
I can see where I’m going.
My heart is filled with loves fire.
I can feel the good feelings flowing.
My eyes say that I am happy.
My mouth is filled with inspiration.
If something out of dark comes at me,
it’s blocked by loves inundation.
This is the condition I’d like to keep forever.
Though I’m sure heaven is much more than this.
It proves bad things in life are not that clever.
A heart touched by Jesus could never miss.
All the joy, and other positive feelings,
you know it’s coming from inside of you,
unlocked, freed, and very willing
to do all the good it’s able to do.
Although it may feel like only the beginning,
for there is a lot that may need to be done,
positive against negative is not just winning,
you are feeling that it has already won.

Author: Cosima

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