Real Spacey

Well, who’s going to believe this?  Check it out, anyway.  I was asleep.  At some point here I am realizing I’m sitting still, in space watching a planet burn.  Took me a while to figure out it was the sun.  The distance I was to it, I can say its round capacity was equivalent to the size of my torso, so I guess it had to be a distance away.  I kept looking at it as if there was not a worry in the world.  Then something made me look to my left side, it was the figure in the corner of my eye, and as I turn to focus I saw other planets afar off.  The sun was surrounded by them, and as I began to pan to the right, it occurred to me I didn’t see planet earth.  I turned to look behind me, and there it was about the distance that made it look like the size of a basketball.  Immediately I thought wow, why is earth so far away, and how am I so far away from it. So that prompt me to look down. I had no feet. There was no ground.  There was only what looked like a dark endless space to drop in.  Suddenly I felt my body lift up in bed, shocked!!  I had sat straight up, still feeling half asleep, while in space I got this tremendous jerk.  It’s a bit funny that I actually felt both parts of me.  It was as if somebody was pulling me back with such a quickness that I could feel myself slammed back to my body by something powerful.  Powerful enough to knock me down on my pillow with a force that pounded my head so hard, it felt like somebody hit me in the head with a bat.  I sat back up and turned to sit up on side of my bed holding my aching head down in my hands.  What a headache I was having.  Unbelievable pain.  I was still sleepy, but I had to wait until that pain eased up to lay back down.  That scenery in space, was still fresh in my mind.  Stars up closer looked like hot ice, with a circular glow of some kind of cloud, but it was hard to tell, I wasn’t close enough to them, I only remembered it doesn’t have five points, like we draw them.

So this is another dream I’ve shared with you.  I don’t remember all of my dreams, and I do wonder why I remember the ones I do.  There are more, just thought this one would wake your imagination a bit.  Space has never really frightened me.  It’s always been a hobby of mine, because of  curiosity, I guess.  Back in high school, I would always buy star magazine, they came out once a month.  It would have large pictures of the planets, and provided whatever information they had found about them at the time.  Jupiter was my favorite.  I was also a member of  “Secrets of the Universe”  for about three years, at the time of this dream.  Maybe that’s what launched it, a well due visit is what this was all about.  Make no mistake, I am thankful to have had that opportunity, that experience, dream or not, was extraordinary.

Author: Cosima

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