It is difficult to fight against something you truly don’t want to happen in the crucial moment. Prevention has no trivial status. It is however systematic.

Prevention is systematic in perspectives of every cause before affects, from: narcotics to sex, to science, to disease, to law, to politics and everyday great or simple needs for life. Yet in many cases we sit in wait as if we don’t expect the causes of repercussions that happen, or being ready when it happens, leaving no way out except to put it on. On what? Our consciousness for one (stress, worry, no satisfying results, etc.), our problems, our desperations, our struggles and our regrets. The done that can’t be undone. If a window of prevention introduced its opportunity (of no illegalities of course), how many of us may find ourselves too complacent to take action? It may occur to us later, after we’ve gained some knowledge and understanding to feed into wisdom that it actually took some knowledge and understanding to be wise enough to take advantage of any way of preventing that thing from happening. It’s hard work! Believe this: knowledge, wisdom, and understanding must be earned. It is intelligent to research, dig, from history up to the present date for answers to study to obtain the needs of organizing and be ready for prevention. People, more things, and more issues are coming. Are we ready?

Ever feel like we all walk through the phases of life with a veil over our faces intended for us not to see so clearly what’s causes the blur, where it’s coming from, actually who it’s intended for, how much power is in charge of its direction, and from how many directions of power it comes from? It’s like to say; What’s boldly in our faces is blurry to our vision, or allow me another allegory; The blur may be our lack of knowledge and our lack of concern for understanding the need to be seeking any, while what’s boldly in our faces is the truth about it all. Some may say they don’t want to know so much, and their reasons may seem logical for simplicity, but many seek to make things right that have been and are going so wrong, so they search.

Peace & Grace

Author: Cosima

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