Pray For Our Leaders

Let us pray for all of our leaders as we all live through hard times.
May God nourish them righteously within their hearts and minds.
Please strengthen them to lead us not so fruitlessly,
where when hopes and dreams are no longer so free to be.
May our prayers remind them that all life in the world is precious,
and that decisions they make for one world, need to be selfless.
In wisdom, grant them enough, whosoever are sworn to lead many,
because patience from anger, doubt, and fear is worrying some plenty.
Please help them to limit the suffering that their decisions may hold.
Keep the principles of being united away from beginning to unfold.
By allowing the world to grow so many different varieties.
Different cultures are like gifts decorating the many societies.
We must pray for all the leaders, even the Bible says so.
Many followers can be wrong in their choice of which way to go.
Grow they will, and remain, becoming strong in their purpose.
Until an unexpected outcome intervene, and began to surface.
Knowing times are too hard, to not expect better over worse.
Hopefully my Heavenly Father, our leaders will try and put you first.


Please allow me to share:
I Timothy: 1 – 3

Author: Cosima

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