All over the world, wrong perceptions may be damaging to trust.
It may even grow into such a negative thrust,
Once accepted it can begin to mount into the wrong concept.
defying all logic for what was beneficially kept.

Do we truly comprehend our power as people?
Do we know the strength of those we mislead?
Maybe we detect in people where they are weak though,
and use it to exalt ourselves to what we aim to be.

Why didn’t we dive in where issues needed help?
Why couldn’t we see when we were running from ourselves?
And if the problems we saw could be handled much better,
why can’t we add our assistance to better it together.

Don’t runaway be still and think of a solution,
before you influence opinions of such bad conclusions.
If your image is so strong to people, its likened to a leader,
I imagine you’d have a multitude of followers who are believers.

Please don’t be the clever leader, leading in the wrong direction.
symbolizing your concerns by the acts of showing affection,
with words so crafty but determined to have it your way,
can’t there be a positive foundation to build to stay.

An image can be great but still many may not know you.
Be careful your own frustrations are not leading them too.
Examine the many so displeased continuing to suffer,
the concerns of the helpless needing more than just each other.

We do know leadership can steer into confusion or good.
Believe this: your followers may do as they think you would.
So examine your own heart. Sure of what you represent?
Hope for a better world and better for the world you’re sent.

Author: Cosima

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