One Fabric

People are like many colors, like threads,
and we’re all knitted together.
With patches here and there of one kind,
great as different kinds of weather.
It may be hard to believe or even see,
in one fabric is where we all be,
and one snag can put a hole in a whole generation,
eliminating what’s been sealed in location.

One fabric, believe that, for all mankind,
guess the thought of it can blow ones mind,
that all races have somehow been connected,
throughout the ages of growth of all mankind.
Aging times damaged places beyond repair,
just as flowers wilt, fabrics bound to wear
though some hold on, it won’t be too long,
we’ll see we’re all connected somehow,
and where we all went wrong.

One fabric meant for all mankind
separated by different ways of life,
because of its destruction too many minds,
didn’t see the connection, to nurture fabric life,
Snags, threads broken, links pulling away, holes open.
Will we ever be able to see, one fabric is our reality.

Author: Cosima

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