Throughout the mass media dietary remedies for good health are offered for the human body.  Even that of natural resources that improve thinking abilities and maintaining an acute awareness are applied through proper dieting.  Exercise will always play a major role to intensify any healthy diet for the human body.  There is even information, direction, instruction, and consistency of indulgence that applies to positive aftereffects for  trauma’s done the body.  However, there is the responsibility for soul most of us neglect.  The soul:  thought, emotion, and will.  As invisible as it is, we manifest from the nature it is of.  It is presumably hard to reach the connection to the necessity of this foundation unless we put forth the effort that awakens our consciousness to this reality.  Believe it or not the Holy Bible is the schoolmaster for the soul.  I know it is also the powerful informant for all that is written by those moved by Holy Spirit.  The Father (Yahweh), the Word (Elohim), and the Holy Spirit as it details the proof of the Gospel (death, burial, and resurrection of Yahshua the Messiah). was proving in the process that the fulfilling of the promise of God pouring out his spirit on all mankind blessing all the nations of the world is for real, yet, it is also the natural resource of knowledge, wisdom and understanding for the Soul.  This I must admit, the Soul is a higher state of our being than the flesh (human body), and to ignore taking any responsibility to ourselves of this portion can lead us to self destruction, not just oneself, but from the causes and effects we share and give to one another in leadership and followers. 

Rather than continue providing indications of such lackadaisical proportions, broaden your minds by awakening yourselves and enhancing its growth from the book of Proverbs, in the Holy Bible.  Take it personal, reading it like it was written for you.  Then examine yourself, I did, and I was disappointed, but was left encouraged with the desire to be a better person, and have been working hard on it, it’s like an endless battle, but I won’t stop acknowledging what’s better, won’t stop learning.  Not everything is bad about me, but what is bad for me needed to change.  Of course if you love your darker self better, I can see the dilemma, and many pray for you whether you know it or not.  For some however, a wall has been built between them and their interest in God, and the truth.  Have to mention it;  the devil has been around for many centuries, he’s not just sitting and watching, he’s hiding necessities we could have used, covering, burying, building many applicable supportive reasons to resist positive directions and instructions of God, and is very captivating and clever in convincing.   For me, I feel a lot better now about myself, although, not so great about the wrong things I can not change, or go back and undo.  For this, I thank Yahweh for his forgiveness and mercy, not just for me, but everyone.

There is no overnight change, except the decision to do it.  Like the human body we need to nourish our souls everyday.  It is by the hearing of the words of God, even in sharing the Gospel, that we are fed the nourishments we need, and like continuing to eat healthy foods to stay in good health, we must eat healthily the words of God continually.  Taking on the responsibility of the soul requires that kind of personal attention………and then…………Matthew 6: 33  – but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Author: Cosima

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