Not Safe Yet

We’re not safe from evil yet, it seeks, and lingers all about.
We not safe from evil, we know, even move around in doubt.
When you think you’re in control evil challenges come bold,
hope God steps in before you realize strength  lost its hold.

While not safe from evil yet, through stupid actions it creeps in.
Carelessness, and negative experiences is how we’re pulled in.
Snappy mood-swings cause reactions we only think we’re ready for.
That’s why we need to check ourselves before entering that door.

We are not safe from evil yet, we see it’s work every single day.
How easily people make use of it, in some of the simplest ways.
Unfocused until it extend to critical, a slipping in dark attitude.
Loose gun control got shooting the answer to every vengeful mood.

We’re not safe from evil yet, see how an innocent child can die?
Then evil comes back out the very next day, terror in another child’s eyes.
Why can’t they stop? Who’s in Control? Do you think they even know?
Hearts and minds, loose in darkness, stop giving evil the show.

We are not safe from evil yet, fear, hate, and retaliation aims to win.
While greed, thievery and lies continue in the world promoting sin.
My prayer is that the light comes on, truthfully showing what lurks in the dark,
what holds many captive to live wickedly, and desire to change to a loving heart.

I also pray their minds take them to the roots of where it all began,
and warmth melt away the frozen until they see deep what’s within.
Once they do, I can guarantee you, all that see will finally understand.
Seeing clearly the damage they’ve done is all will be left to face in them.

It’s not a funny thing facing oneself in one’s nakedness, due to the light.
Another kind of chipping away will be done once you’ve gained all your sight.
It’s what you have confessed and must leave behind, to repair and renew.
There’s no refresh button, it never was, it’s what God’s already prepared for you.

Author: Cosima

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