No Fear of God?

I believe fear necessitates our honor to God, and God’s well deserved glory.  This is God’s creation, all the beauty, both throughout earth and outer space.  We live in the pleasure of it all, enjoying it as best we can, and if we suffer, we suffer because of mankind, though it is evident earth has her massive changes that are destructive to the people within its vicinity.  What is simply a normal change for her, mother earth, is disaster for us, mankind.

A lack of fear of God have driven many into the depths of darkness.  We should praise and honor Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus), God’s only begotten son, daily, for such a devastating sacrifice, his presentation of resurrection with the following of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a gift to all that will believe, and the miraculous power in it.  For evil is not as if it’s never been present with us, steadily provoking, and tempting, suggesting, creeping around our weaknesses and flaws of not being perfect, looking for a way in.  Waiting for us to give one minute purpose, or reason to activate its control with the entertaining quick-witted ways of darkness:  pleasures of revenge, power of lies, the cheating of secrets, disrespects of backstabbing’s, trickery ways for possessions and greed, etc.  All of these degenerate talents regenerate through every link that clamps into it, headed for the wrong direction, destruction to the many involved.

At no point and time should we believe God has abandoned us.  That is what they that operate from the realm of evil would like for us to believe.  We all profit better, if we all profit for the better of all.


Author: Cosima

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