Never Too Late

It’s easy to get tired of trying
don’t waste too much time
for that last breath before dying.
You may not believe in miracles,
sometimes one step you take trying,
will send you on your way flying.
Moving to fulfill our destiny’s,
what may work good for you,
was never what was meant for me.
Don’t discourage me, I encourage you.
It will take all my energy, and focus
to live out the work that’s due.
Though your dreams are not mine
life challenges me and you, while yet
everyday survival is hard enough to do.
But I must not give up on trying,
this is the only life I know,
to succeed in something, before I go.
It’s so easy to get tired of trying,
can’t waste time on dreaming,
performing in camouflages I’m keeping.
I need to cipher out the good stuff,
what keeps me going forward,
and positive energy isn’t so much.
Actions require evidence, solid proof,
accomplishments that have been made,
where each step has been a good move.
The next step is more drawn to happen
pulling me gracefully into having completed,
success, over time wasted, I’ve defeated.

Author: Cosima

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