My Heart Goes Out To You

My heart goes out to you
for the caring and sharing you do
our survival has still been Godly
while the fruit increase seems hardly

Our strength is in the attributes
of love, wisdom, grace and joy
in the knowledge God gave you
that many choose to ignore

Encouraging power of the truth
from the faith and belief you grew
by the power of God’s words
trying to share with many or few

A gift of eternal life is promised
to all mankind who will believe
that kingdom of heaven that is at hand
is privileged to every woman and man

The power of the Gospel is our food
igniting the Holy Spirit inside you
and surely all will began to see
if their hearts are opened to read

All believers should thank God
because he opens up the hearts
and without God many will wonder
knowing not the threat they’re under

So my heart goes out to you
my prayers, and inspiration too
for the many that will be in touch
with a chance for the Gospel truth

Matt: 3:2, I Corinth: 15:1 – 4

Author: Cosima

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