More Than We Need?

Why is it so hard to let go of having an appetite for more than we need.  I’ve examined the insecure notion of being caught without.  It’s as if we have a natural sense of threat, but pertaining to what?  A crisis, a period of suffering through hard times only getting by with very little, not enough to be satisfied, or comfortable fulfilling our needs?  Yet the possibilities of that, have affected many around the world, suffering from conditions, disasters, etc. and  have not bestowed upon all of  us, not so much yet.  Many, very many people have more than they need, from colognes to coats and hats, shoes, clothes to be exact overcrowd many closets, unused, unneeded.  The sight of a pleasure in wanting can be less in the value of actually having, but we feel we must accomplish it, and we can, even out of mere sacrifice.  We see it, we want it, and we can purchase it.  After so long in our possession though, does it lose it’s value?  We need to share, especially for the many of us that have too much and more than we need.  I can say this, if we’re going to hold on to something nice, and we’re finding after a few years that it is no longer useful, and at the least, no more to our pleasure, why not pass it on?  Give it away, someone else may need it, and value it more by putting it to use more often.  If we’re not wanting to part from it, as if it holds some sentimental value, keep it in tact then.  When we have freed our souls from this flesh, someone else can put it to use, that may value it, and it will be worth it.

Let’s put materialism value in some greater perspective.  Do we stock up on things we need in case of disasters?  There much advice offered throughout the website for such preparations pertaining to different disasters.  Do you think it’s time to focus here?  Time to spend our money on these kinds of needs.  We can take one project at a time.  We need:  Generator’s, gasoline, even wood and ways to make fire for wood, good storage materials that seal well from water damage and smoke, medical things like clean wrappings for wounds, alcohol and other cleaning formula’s to help kill infections, simple things like water, medicine, soap, tiles, can goods, and other things to fight off insects and creepy crawling infectious species.   Have we plastically secured blankets, sleeping things to keep from being defected, even by water damage?  What if it’s a winter disaster, or if some kind of ice age hit us?  Are we equipped with garments as strong as ski suits, mask, insulated boots, coats and gloves for both adults and children?  Or maybe like in the movies we’ll be killing each other for them.  Everybody so unprepared we’ll be breaking into homes and taking from other people what they’ve taken the time, money and effort out to provide themselves, and for their families.  Scary isn’t it?  Like making sure someone else dies before us, we will rob, attack, even kill to obtain their provisions.  All those fancy things we thought we needed will just be sitting their, or destroyed in the process of a nation wide disaster.  Watching the movies should have taught us something.  Are we ready?  Have we even attempted as a community, or street block, of neighbors, to contribute to build a shelter.  Have families prepared anything together that may work for them.  Is it time to began to save, more than we need?  See, thing is, we don’t know exactly what we may have to be surviving from, but in whatever the situation, more than what we need is more in its place and definitely appropriate for family, friends and they that may come.

Author: Cosima

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