More Than A Handy Man

Can you remember the many carpenter’s and auto mechanics that lived in family homes? They were more than a handy man. They were builders of many more carpenter’s, contractor’s, auto mechanics and maybe for the slow learner’s, who were made to be a good handy man. It was always a case of scenery when something needed fixed, fence, car, porch, garage, we’d see the men of the area gather around to help or learn. I’ve always believed men have a natural instinct about building, because there’s family that need support of a thing. Some men who don’t have family of their own are just as compelled simply because it is of their nature. It is the elders that actually keep this encouragement reigning from generation to generation. Fathers would teach their children while they were growing up. The basics was always passing the tools, so they’d know what they are called, and in watching them being used, they’d learn what certain tools can do. In all processes there was also the do’s and what not to do, for safety purposes. If the son’s didn’t want to learn, some men would keep their daughter’s around for company. Daughter’s did love to feel like they were helping their dads when they knew what tools to give him. Altogether this was a kind of schooling children could grow up remembering. Especially in remembering the moments they spent with their fathers. There is not many Mr. Fix It’s in the families now, and many of them are too exhausted to put their effort into their own homes. Seems as if you should see a beautiful work of art at any construction worker or carpenters profession on their own turf as well, but some let their own property go to ruins, even cars keep running with mechanics around. The wear and tear on property can grow to be so expensive it gets harder as it gets worse, and more expensive. To pay someone else to do it, would eat up most of the money it will take to get it all done. Most children’s desire to be smart with tools was made a challenge by the work of their fathers, even grandfathers. Where in some homes there were no fathers, most boys were attracted to the homes that had fathers, so they still grew up learning from a neighborhood of men, whether those men had kids or not, when they were fixing something, they had the attention of boys around them. A natural instinct that I remember and believe to be true. But they are becoming scarce, few and in between, and many are negligent to their own turf. What is causing this? Hey! All you men of the art of great builder’s, don’t let your own foundation expire right from under the custody of where you live. And please continue to keep it in the family, continue to pass it on. There’s no need to allow it to vanish with time away from the next human mind. Even knowing a little about repairs and fixing things enforces a compelling need to try doing it yourself, first. It’s just better to be smart about it.

Author: Cosima

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