Moments of Treasures

Met a very young male model at a special event some many years ago.  While sitting with him and a group of other people, the subject came up about spiritual phenomenon, unusual things that have happened in our lives.   We all shared some kind of experience.   I found this part of his story intrinsic.  He said, wisdom approached him in the form of a man, and when it touched him, the feeling he got was very, very old, endlessly aged.  It occurred to me some time after hearing that story, along with gathering information from other studies, that aged wisdom is profound and divine, sound wisdom.  Hint:  which is the reason why the young should honor and respect the knowledge of their elders.  It is good when people share unique experiences often with other people, life is filled with extraordinary things to share.  This portion of his was something I put on the shelf of my psyche collection.  I wanted to keep it for one reason only, I understood its truth.  Truth is something you don’t  just know it when you hear it, you see it with some lengthy depth.  Also, if you already have the dots to connect to it to, that is more length and depth, solidified.  Though it was personal, I was honored to be present in his sharing.  Maybe not everybody got it the way I got it.  That could have easily been based on ones understanding already withheld.  It wasn’t like looking at material evidence.  It’s looking at the intangible, the invisible, and knowing that it is real.  One day it was like it fell off the shelf from my memory and reopened again for more increase.  The mind, what a wonderful storage space. 

God is magnificent!  A creator of such tremendous art, one could not believe unless they journeyed forward holding on to more of what has been and is good in life, than what’s bad.  It also occurred to me, you can’t just avoid logic and rest in oblivion, the mind will not permit.  Young people today are highly intelligent and quick to it, but not in the era of consciousness it was like when I was young.  Education for many is being a ladder well climbed today, for well earned technology.  There are so many competitive skills and fields of opportunity greatly challenged to obtain, even to run your own business.  When I was young people had many question about themselves, their abilities of mental capacities, and questions about spirit.  Questions that sent many chasing challenges to experience the intangible considerations of reality, that is in fact, good food for the heart and the mind.  I still love that period of time, I will treasure it always.

Author: Cosima

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