Like most, I’m extraordinary, not nearly ordinary
some would probably beat me down
some of those I’ve been around
seeing outwardly tremendously but seeing
inside me always continuously incomplete
there is always something to observe,
and absorb, and not often given the proper sort
while what was happening deep inside myself
were mysteries of different sorts
some like a journey I didn’t want to take
didn’t know I slept through it until I was awake
from being incognizant during choices I’ve made
a mistake can happen by the end of the day
with my eyes open, not thinking better
it definitely happened, and it was not clever
what placed me in the wrong direction
seemed my concepts were out of place
I didn’t think to stop myself, to come out of this state
found the after affect, consequences of what followed
left my thoughts of how things happened a bit hollow
I felt a need to shout it out to be free of it
but my mind released an open spree of it
which not even I, could interpret at the time

Author: Cosima

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