Miracles Are Blessings From God-True Story

I was young, and had just graduated from high school.  One of my good friends had gotten a new car for graduation, and how nice I thought it was.  We planned on taking a trip together, there was four of us, we were going to Detroit.  On the evening we left, we expected to reach our destiny in at the least, three hours.  We would only be there for one night, to watch a performance.  Young and not so mature as we thought we were, we had been drinking and we were a bit tipsy before leaving, celebrating our first travel without parents.  Her mother warned us about the snow being icy in Detroit, and not to be in a quick hurry to get there.  She said, “take your time driving that car, I know you, you’ve got lead feet, now it’s snowing in Detroit and you’re likely to come across some icy road, be patient and drive carefully.”  She told the rest of us if we see she’s going too fast tell her to slow down.  Still tipsy, somebody brought more to drink.  My school friend, the driver, did not indulge, she took full responsibility once we were on the road.  She didn’t want to share the driving either, because she was eager to enter Detroit behind the driver seat of her own new car.  Understandable, and no one complained about that.  The ride did seem long, though we entertained each other with conversation and music, and, it was getting pretty dark. 

We were in Detroit finally.  I really don’t remember her picking up speed, but maybe she was driving a little fast for the condition of the roads.  There were ditches, I guess for planting trees or something, on both sides of the road we were on.  They were some pretty dangerous holes I thought, wide enough to swallow the car.  Suddenly we felt ourselves sliding, and she hit the brakes.  I don’t know if that was the right thing to do or not, because the car began to spin.  Around and around we went fast, and it was really scary.  We went off the road, and nose in to a hole on the left side of us.  I was sitting in the back seat behind her, the driver.  I remember putting my hand behind her seat to hold myself up, in what seemed like a standing position.  That’s how deep the nose of car was in.  I could hear the wheels still spinning fast, as I saw the headlights reflecting brightly against the snow.  I was trying to hold myself up to keep from dropping to the front part of the car, when I saw another light.  I knew immediately it was not the same as the reflections from the headlights.  It had a clarity about it.  It was hard to describe, but suddenly the front part of the car, which was face down to the bottom of the hole, began to lift, gracefully, and slow, as if someone was lifting the whole car.  Still hearing the wheels turning, I noticed how quiet we all were.  I guess wondering what is happening, and what’s coming next.  Well, as the car was lifted back to flat ground, the wheels still spinning, we were headed for a house.  The brakes didn’t work, we began screaming “Oh my God, we can’t stop”, and there was a light pole in front of the house.  We hit it, and it stopped the car from moving further, but it broke in half.  Just as we thought it was all over, we had stopped moving, the top part of that light pole went through the center of the roof of the car.  We all jumped in fear, and looked at the hole that light pole had just made and then relaxed.  Gee, what a warning!  The people in the house allowed us to make a phone call, and everything was taken care of within two days.  Even the car was fixed enough to ride back home in.

In discussing the accident with her and her family, I tried asking about the light, but they said, “girl you’re talking about the headlights, how they were so bright because they were reflecting against the snow”, and I said “no I’m not, I saw that, but there was another kind of light there”.  How come they didn’t see it?  It was on my side of the car, but it was easily noticeable to me.  How come they couldn’t see it?  Maybe it was the position we were all in at the time, and the accident had them too distracted, feeling stuck in that hole because we did sit there for a moment.  Anyway, this happened for real, and guess what?  We were only fifteen minutes away from our destiny.

Author: Cosima

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