Might Not Be Amazing to You But It’s Amazing to Me

It was the day I was just sitting in my car letting it warm up and it began to snow these huge juicy snow flakes.  They slowly fell as I watched, and as they hit my window, they did not completely melt, and for the first time in my entire life I saw the designs of snow flakes.  I could not stop my eyes from tearing as I thought: what kind of God would take the time to design every little snow flake.  I sat in amazement, and thanked God. Our creator is beautifully artistic.

Although I wrote the above years ago, recently I came across a biblical connection.  It is in the book of Job, as Yahweh is confronting Job of his exalted pride.  Job: 38:22  He asked Job “has thou entered into the treasure of the snow”?  Well suddenly I felt really special, because I had such a blissful experience.  How many people actually become aware of what’s happening in their lives are connecting often to the scriptures in the Holy Bible?


Author: Cosima

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