Message On The Train

I got a message on the train from my phone.
You said, you’d be gone before I got home.
And though that was all you said,
was like a balloon of water burst in my head,
left my expression so intense,
thoughts about why, couldn’t make sense.

Another message on the train from my phone,
a voice asked whispering, are you alone,
then said they saw you out last night,
and asked me not to start a fight,
what they saw was just not right.
Keep it I said, my brain’s already tight.

I got a message I’m already alone,
sitting on this train, from my phone.
I really don’t want to hear no more.
It would be like picking on a sore.
When I finally get off this train,
I know things won’t be the same.

The message I got was too complete.
I’ll clear my head before I leave this seat.
Going to end that journey with this ride,
emptying him out and clearing my mind.
I know being alone, how happy I can be,
He missed a good-bye kiss, but now I’m free.

Author: Cosima

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