Message From The Body

When your body is tired of your practices of physical misuse, the lifestyle wrongful actions, the unhealthy habits and dieting, it sends us signals every now and then, that warns us to stop and also warns us at the time when we should stop, sometimes we pay attention, and we just slow down, but I don’t believe anybody can deny the warnings the body can give.  It’s almost as if our bodies are saying, “now is a good time to treat me like you want to keep me around, I’m warning you, you’re doing me real bad, it may sadden your love ones if you continue not to pay me any attention.”

We know the flesh wasn’t meant to last forever.  We also realize it’s not all of our own faults that good health is now a lot of research and costly as well. Natural resources aren’t what they used to be, manufacturing and farming isn’t what it used to be, and chemical advances that have been taking part in this are being known to have unpredictable turnouts over a period of time.

What I have noticed is that some people take health improvement vacations in their lives, they join something to improves their bodily functions, they may join a fitness center, or yoga class, or meditation class, or cooking class, church, simply something to put a break in the normal unhealthy habits of life.  Though it may not last long, which is why I said vacation, that short period of physical special attention pays off and  they may not even be aware they’re doing it, it’s as if there’s a natural reaction from some kind of bodily extrasensory perception.  However, it helps save a few years that could be taken away from life.  Just like the warnings to stop smoking, stop excessive drinking, exercise some, etc.  All of these periodic health activities can help the body maintain a more extensive life span.  Though we can still genetically inherit all kids of ailments from our bloodline, even if we’ve obtained it, a healthier body can endure an unexpectedly better duration of time than one that is unhealthy.  I have seen this happen.  Just Sharing.

Author: Cosima

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