Meantime, we may have whatever we need for some situations, then
bump into an instead just because of our gender or the color of our

Meantime, the heart and mind in such a vessel, could have solved my
problem but found it too easy to reject any advantage I should have
had to get out of a bad unfair situation, just because of the race
I am, or whether I’m a woman or a man.

Meantime, some sought and found a way to help, but all in all
it seemed they were only helping themselves.

Meantime, poverty remains stuck in a downward spot, because
the better that can be done to lift from it is not.

Meantime, when some get ready to throw in the towel, God makes
his move and it’s chins up for awhile.

Meantime, it was so hard trying to be patient knowing time with
certain operations don’t have automatic relation.

Meantime, when we simply must step out on a limb, only by chance,
many end up doing a hallelujah dance.

Meantime, instead of choosing to sit back and worry, we’re
surrounded with enough inspiration to keep ourselves sturdy.

Meantime, while you don’t believe anybody really loves you, the
strangest or unexpected people step up to hug you.

Meantime, for many, time is a valuable point in life, to make
time trying to make things right.

Negatives on the way to positives.
Positives on the way to negatives.
What’s in between?
Meaning of time, or time to find meaning?
Meaning only developed and understood by time?
Meaning’s equality and status growth in time?

Well meantime, collectively and selectively, by effort and need,
we either process growth or remain reasonably or even unreasonably
complacent in our journey through life.

Meantime, is being controlled an option of choice, decision,
predestined, justifiable, a right or loss of a fight, a matter of faith
or power in someone else, and or by both the righteous
and unrighteous?

Let it be Peace & Grace People.

Author: Cosima

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