Make It Easy On Yourself

Almost everyone struggles.  Issues come up, and will try to complicate or trouble our lives.  It may even seem the light of things just darkened heavy.  Making one unsure of themselves, creating unnecessary fears because of problems that only time can unravel. Then you may think why worry,  should I have to worry?  Sometimes it’s the waiting that’s aggravating these issues, along with the empty certainties that can fix the problem.  Maybe we can rest ourselves in the flow of time it takes to make it to the next positive move. If we could only pacify our nerves, by allowing our worries to neutralize.  Sort of like arguing without getting upset, or debating calmly.  Also, positive association is very workable, because keeping company with encouraging people will keep you lifted.  Some people have a brighter way of looking at everything, even supportive with information on ways to help you put an end to such complications.  Not everyone has that “throw in the towel” attitude, when all there is to mention is what can be wrong, what can get worst, and feeding on similar negative outcomes.  In other words, more to make you worry about something because it can’t be fixed right away.  Another ease is doing all you can for the moment and then doing more of what you love:  singing, playing an instrument, praying, dancing, reading, painting, writing, designing jewelry, clothes, pottery, flower arrangements, etc..  Having an art is not only a gift, it’s a way to escape reality when it gets heavy, dark, and stuck.  It may be healthy to secrete yourself into creativity, until the proper thoughts patiently gather to sort things out. Everyone should have some kind of talent of art, a hobby. Most parents choose for their kids while they are very young, so just in case they have a problem choosing for themselves, they will already have developed one thing they know well how to do, even if it’s something the parents already do themselves, and the kids just picked up on it and learn to love it as well. Then you can allow the positive forces, the positive energies, God’s answers to your prayers, the Holy Spirit you left your problems in the hands of, to sort it all out and bring comfort to your struggles without falling apart.  At least it worked sometimes for me.  Make it easy on yourself.

Author: Cosima

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