Loves Need To Be

Everyone wants to be loved by someone,
and everyone needs someone to love.
To never need to love you’d have to be empty,
and since love is not physical, but spirit, it’s plenty.
For as long as we are a part of God’s art,
it’s impossible to be outside of God’s heart.
Giving and receiving is like contract and releasing.
If it’s hard for one to be without the other,
is it then hard to accept love if you’re no lover?
Many forms of life are made with a thread of love,
God’s loving passion for design created this from above.
Fundamental love formula’s that cause life to live on,
in every way, properly placed, to connect where it belong.
Then what snags may have caused a loop of love to unfold,
the mystery between two, that love intended to hold,
and how then can a pattern made to be so inevitable,
allow love to turn so cold, while love is so plentiful?
Some people believe they may have missed their chance,
missed the connection to true love and romance.
Take the rhythm of the heart, it’s an allegory to see,
one side helps pump the other, in an even capacity.
If one side of the heart should happen to brake,
it will need help that meet up to the capacity it takes.
Just as love can be damaged by many misconceptions,
and loose its way back strong, confused by interruptions,
never losing the need for wanting to be loved,
will more than likely end up with that intended love.

Author: Cosima

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