Love Pauses

In so many relationships love pauses,
unaware of the distance it causes.
Don’t want to get so personal but,
some find more excitement in the closet.
Two people who know they’re in love,
took vows and committed for longevity,
never considered being hesitant of,
the variety of attention love needs.
The feeling of a woman’s heart feeds on
affection, and they really need it.
When a man recognize it, he is
compelled with the intent to please it.

Just a hug standing in the kitchen,
and a kiss to warm up her busy soul.
A kiss from her while he’s sleeping,
says she’s happy, and it lets him know.
Don’t look at her with lustful desire
and avoid touching her in that way.
She’ll be waiting to be more inspired,
preparing herself for you all day.
Don’t stare at him and want to hug,
then turn around and walk away.
He needed that hug, warm and cuddly,
no matter if there’s nothing to say.
So what if you’re the over affectionate one,
you have time to get used to one another.
Please don’t start pushing each other away,
still that moment, give attention to your lover.

Author: Cosima

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