Look Into This

Be careful of those who grow weary of you
for they will judge your dark side, while
they are caught up in darkness too.

Feeding out your negative history, as if needing
it for a crutch, on the issues that make you
so imperfect which they hate so much.

You thought you had grown up and better away
from what caused your fall, while other people
resurface it again by telling it all.

Never realizing they’re feeding darkness, like
fetish on a plate, by the time it’s passed from
ear to ear your reputation is unsafe.

Then they’ll look upon you with hate, and weary
floats around in their hearts, unaware they’ve
invited inside themselves what’s tearing them apart.

I have a remedy to such a riddle for goodness sake,
listen with an open constructive mind and a readily
healing heart in its place.

See there’s another avenue upon how to deal with that,
depending on your strength of spirit and the status
your own soul is at.

Many go negative with negative which is considered weak,
our powers within shows we are stronger than that, and how
we receive it, is in the mannerism we speak.

It is known there are none perfect, but instead of working on
keeping someone down, give positive encouragement in listening,
and share it with the one carrying this talk around.

Everybody’s got a chance to improve in life, who are we to
draw their line, who are we to finalize another’s life status
as if it’s the end of their time.

Many may succeed in life, carrying wounds and scars that are
known. The reason God continues to bless them are in the
mystery the bible has shown.

Forgive, don’t forget, one day you may need this open door,
and by then you may have matured to acknowledge what all of
Gods blessings are for.

His Love, Grace, Mercy and Glory.

Author: Cosima

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