Look Deeper

We’re familiar with desire, compassion, joy, excitement, attraction, happiness, even lust, but do we really know love?  I believe it’s the bosom God.  I believe everything that comes out of love has its part in his bosom.  Love has many facets.  It is conditional love we must give the proper sort to, so that it is properly performed, otherwise confusion can make a mess of things, all because of a lack of knowledge and understanding.  We can have all the love we can muster.  Though I must tell you, once you’ve tasted it’s presence on a personal experience level,  you may feel the inflation.  Sometimes it’s good to look deeper at who we are, other than flesh.  Love is the shield that protects us, it is also a healer and purifier. I truly believe it.

Back in the 70’s there were many classes of sorts of meditation.  There were programs and classes people offered, even for power of the mind. Yoga is still one of its branches. I tried meditating but I figured out it is hard to empty the mind of unwanted thoughts, which in doing so, you relax yourself entirely, that’s what meditation was supposed to be about, so I asked someone “what do you meditate on that helps empty your mind”?  The answer I got is love.  You focus on love.  I know now that love has echelons, different potent levels, the deeper we feel or rather, the higher the echelon our spirit self prepares to reach it.  I would suggest doing some research on such an experience first, learn about it, or work with an instructor, because there are avenues of caution in meditating now.  My experience didn’t happen from meditation, it just happened when I found my heart flourished with love for no apparent reason.  Yet I’ve heard similar stories about it, that involved meditation. Maybe God was trying to show me something.  However, afterward I understood loves power, loves ways in our lives, and most of all it’s point of origin.  Didn’t go to the point of origin though, I only sat in its prominence, but I knew I was facing its core, not with a human eye, but the eye of understanding.  I don’t know how many people have had such experiences,  maybe many, I do know I’m not the only one, and these experiences of life need to be shared, more than hate and crime, more than the activities out of darkness, and that’s why I’m sharing mine.

We need to remember the remarkable treasures of wonders of our lives.  If then, you ever decide to look deeper, know this; there is this much more to experience in life.  Be curious, seek out all there is to know about being human; soul, mind, and body.  Our design is more magnificent than most of us are aware of, and we owe it to ourselves to know all there is to know about our existence.  The bible says:  Seek ye first the kingdom of Yahweh (or God) and his righteousness, and all things shall be added unto you (Matt 6:33).  I’ve been this kind of seeker often in my life, righteousness I fallen from many times, this also made the war against evil many vicious battles for me, but in continuing to seek, is this still the reason I found answers?  Maybe so, and I thank Yahweh for allowing me such experiences.

Author: Cosima

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