Limits Boundaries Conditions

I believe everyone should have some limits, boundaries, and conditions, due to every situation they encounter with people. At least for the sake of holding on to some edifying principles in the light of self-respect and respect for others. We need to value and stabilize conditions that are an inspiration to us, which feed hope and positive expectations to our dreams and needs that we expect to fulfill in life. That being said, there is a need to know when to draw a line, set limits and boundaries we won’t cross to maintain our conditions of such respects.  Many of the young today are lost and loose of any, having lost values of principles of respects, how can we help each other back to a proper path that will shape our directions positively.  It’s easy to convince ourselves we’re man or woman enough to take the chance, especially if it’s so tempting, sounds too good, looks so real, or we’re simply too curious to back out of it. We can easily digest the pain that follows, tolerate having regrets, being sure we’ll get over it. It will surely soon all come to past. What’s not easy, is determining the domino effects that follow because it’s not happening to you, it’s happening to those linked to the experience, everyone involved, and no one can predict the damage of situations to follow, the chain reactions, how many and how long the effect will last. Some wrong choices we make take a long time to cipher out what was misunderstood. I speak from experience, and if you’re at all naturally humanly sensitive, you will be sorry to hurt other people.

With all of those if I’s, should I’s, could I’s, you really need to be able to dodge the bullet, beat the bullet, or bite the bullet and let it explode in your own face being ready to accept the consequences. It is very difficult to learn how to make our decisions selflessly.  Believe it or not it’s God allowing us to move ahead in the right directions with the proper decisions.  Many of us are not even aware of this.  Putting possible consequences on a scale of measure to weigh out the positives and negatives is timely but worthy. Limits mean: I just don’t do those things, that’s simply a line I will not cross, I’ve got my boundaries and I stick to them for good reasons. We have to remember the kind of life we love, and the peace and fun life some of us grew up made of.  So we can share the goodness to help balance those less fortunate if we can.  Some people can pick up on how to better deal with issues in life from the ones with such limits and boundaries by observing their outcomes. We don’t have to keep letting things get worse. Though it may be a handful and mind-juggling keeping them in check, how we respond to certain conditions is due to God leading us with wisdom, not our following with lacks of knowledge and understanding. Family values, street life values, educational values, workplace values, friendship and neighborly values all have their limits, boundaries, and conditions, that help them to work without harm, pain, regrets, and so on, so respect them and gain a clue or two. Quiet as kept, we all want to live a life of comfortable unions and reunions, in the company of peace and joy. 

The more effort we put into trying to walk a peaceful path the better the journey is for a lot of us.  Unfortunately life now suffers too many hard trying times and for some people, a not so sure or positive road to take, some idea’s for life is just too hard struggling and too chancy, but don’t give up and don’t give in to chances that will darken it further, or deepen the struggles, in such cases give God a chance (why don’t you?), trust that God will pave the way.  Because for many situations, people hearts and minds can only be nurtured by the words of God, the fuse that ignites the power of the Holy Spirit in us, to our consciousness and out of dormancy, which we all have been blessed with, is magically in the gospel and the understanding of it all, the words of God, from the one who created us.   Yet, many avoid it.  Better still, if we all put God first, there would be much less concern about the negative aspects of life.  Limits and boundaries, for certain conditions would probably have no need to be mentioned, it would come naturally, that is in the power of the Holy Spirit in this age of Grace.  After all Intelligence is the Crown of God’s Spirit Body.  God has not abandoned us, it is us who keep our backs turned to God.  Even so, God still loves us.

Author: Cosima

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