Are we not perpetrators to our own victimized subjection to the power of advertisement?  Buy and sell has its pro’s and con’s.  Pro’s to the need to keep ahead and in tune with the growth of the state of art.  Desiring to fulfill one’s taste of satisfaction, may even be accompanied by pride. The competitive race to be productively successful for any business or profession, be it medicinal, agricultural, manufacturing, machinery, computer technology, sports, music, health, art, business management, governmental fields of controls of law and order and money, currencies of exchange, fashion, science and all other ology’s, are advertisements of a vigorous temptations of must-needs and want-to-have’s, and making many sacrifices to do so.  But when the con’s of such imaginary have-to-have’s become a complacent struggle as living from a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, sooner or later it’s time to cut something loose, drop something, free yourself of something to make it safe at least for the comfort of peace of mind and emotion to relaxation.  Living this kind of tight funding lifestyle leaves little room for conditions of error, considering nothing actually stays at its perfection.

The world will never stop moving on, changing, upgrading, competing for the better qualities of life with more efficient use of materials of advanced technology, even that which forces change in lifestyle.  Some of us need to take the time out and study our ways and means, and how to fit it into a comfort zone.  Of course a good and exciting life can be a sacrificing struggle, a challenge is expected in almost every direction for the triumph of success or as far as one can go. But many of us need to step back and examine ourselves from the objective and begin to truly define for ourselves just what will keep us affordably happy.

Ever get the feeling you have to answer to too many people?  Like being totally mind boggling with emergencies that happen unexpectedly that cause situations regarding expenses to slip out of sequence, caused some things to get backed up, you weren’t prepared for that, and here comes all the different people.  In these days, by the time of retirement most people really want to feel rested from the pressure of other people.  We should have worked through life to get things done, complete and out of the way, to gain much less need for concerns.

Do you feel at all as if you’re only living by the cards you’ve been dealt?  Demands in life didn’t offer enough time or money to be able to create your own, so you’re choosing from the choices made for you? Growing older and learning as you grow who you are, and are capable of being is like life’s prize package.  Don’t let anyone dilute this momentum of you.  Even though some find their direction early, others collect from different experiences along the way in life, and learn to understand and appreciate the values of such experiences.  Some young people get older not sure of what it is they want to accomplish in life.  Is it good to have no imagination accomplished by the time you’re 18?  I don’t think so. There is nothing wrong with dreaming.  Pick something, try it on to see how you fit, not how it fits you, that can be tricky.  Maybe there’s a curve or another section in the process of the operation somewhere, designated just for you. The world seems crowded and too busy and guess what?  We make bad decisions, mistakes even. I like busy, but I like being comfortable and well rested too.  I like variety, but I have my favorites.  I like people, but there are a lot of bad people in this world.  I’d like to be able to control what I have to take in, and maintain a good balance of what’s coming in to me.  So how do I fix this deck of cards to deal me a good hand on life?  Patience may take a good amount of time out of life for this kind of fix, after all, life is full of choices, isn’t it.

Author: Cosima

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