Latent Within

Beneath all of the oppression and fear of more destruction, the powers to be are latent in us to move forward and make the changes we need to happen, not just for all of us, but for our offspring, the generations to come. Have we been forgetting to share with our children all we have learned? Their dreams are not so different from ours.

There are many who finally see now
Our eyes are wide open, and we see how
that there can be no division amongst us now

We will rise above the pressure
We will reach beyond stuck measures
We will fill the hearts with plenty
of all that which they are empty
Our smiles will glow a bright light
while our eyes will spark with sunlight
We’ll no longer find it difficult to share
falling short of how we need to care
We won’t worry about whether we have enough
because we accumulate with so much love
We’ve always known there must be a way
to live fulfilling our dreams each day
though we may expect trouble to never cease
it won’t feel like nails beneath our feet
Being stronger as one people we are
all of our triumphs shall reach far
Thank God when we can all finally see
As one we can all live happily

Author: Cosima

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