Spawn from the closest DNA,
perfectly knitted together to relate,
we are tried, we are tested,
a growing love becoming best at it,
because as we grow we truly believe,
none is more important than family.
When ill, to be cared for should be easy.
Celebrations are fun and should be pleasing.
During weakness another takes responsibility,
beyond expectations, beyond possibilities.
Forgiveness and sacrifice should be selfless,
no jealousy should be known for successes.
No state of bad health should be of demise,
family love should greater for their life.
Yet evil in our presence pit us against each other
No matter mother, father, sister or brother.
It starts from within, deep down inside,
and hide in our weakness waiting for a ride,
pretending to ignore it, that parasite begins,
to strengthen just enough to control the reigns.
That old saying “every family has a black sheep”
has marked you the one darkness tries to keep.
You think you’re not loved, think you’re an outcast.
A family that is weak may help you make that last.
Family that is strong will always be there for you.
They will still back you up when you need them to.
Handling important things that you can’t do.
So when you’re back on your feet, you can help them too.
But Kindred, try harder, very hard “not to be a Kin-Dread”.

Pease & Grace People

Author: Cosima

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