Just Suppose…..

Suppose a lifetime was not measured by man’s time at all. What if a lifetime was measured by God’s time?
II Peter 3:8 “One day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day,” yes God’s time. So if reincarnation really existed, the time some souls spend in a human body may be calculated by the length of purpose God has for them that period in time , or whatever was pre-ordained until a portion per reincarnation, of some of that thousand years is calculated as complete, be it ever how many chances to live from flesh to flesh. Also suppose the position you hold in that flesh-life transforms into reverse, maybe from dues to pay from the past life, for phases to relive for the soul’s sake. Suppose a poor man has a chance to come back and live rich, and a rich man comes back to live poor. All in a chance for better rights to eternity’s heaven for the soul. Honestly, think about it. What better way to balance the scale away from a vicious tilt, of darkness outweighing light, evil outweighing good? The suffering and oppressed flip the lifestyle of the successor and joyful. What if what we think is a continuing cycle is much more profound than we know. Suppose Caucasian people come back reincarnated as African American or African, after all this is beyond genetics, it’s simply soul’s. All around the globe where we are separate because of ethnicity, nationality culture, rich and wealthy or suffering to survive, and how light and how dark our hearts and minds, have we tried every different flesh in God’s life-time? Chinese reincarnate into Hispanic, Koreans into Caucasian, and just suppose, women come back as men, and men come back as women. Would we or could we learn to better treat one another, bringing love and wisdom we shared from vessel to vessel so that all around we’d be spreading the goods of life for all to enjoy, or having suffered the abuse ourselves, are we so hateful to carry it with us no matter what nationality of flesh we’re in? I’m certain I’m not the only one to imagine this. The different perspectives of thought behind any idea of reincarnation have crossed many minds. Deja Vu, and whatever have you wondered about in that human mind?

But what an interesting life-filibuster design of time,
that visualize the Creator of all far above and beyond mankind,
and the importance of the highest life status being the soul,
certainly diminishes all prospects of material wealth that unfolds.

Author: Cosima

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