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Only God has offered any eternal thing to the existence of mankind.  The soul is the immortal state of our being.  Our person of thought, will, and emotion infused into the flesh by life of breath.  The flesh is but the temporary home of individual spirit, for it is limited in time.  The spirit moves on into immortality.  There has only been one to offer a choice of destiny, God.  Not only has he prepared a state for our being, but he designed a purpose and plan for us.  To comprehend it we must study the Holy Bible, and there are many who teach to read and study.  Ask God to make your choice for you by leading you there, and just keep in mind we are in the age of Grace. We must study to be able to see how Gods plan has been laid out.  Since there is already history that the past has to go by in the bible, we must pick up from there and meet up to our present place in Gods plan by understanding it from its beginning, and strengthen our belief and faith by continuing to be nourished in the Gospel.  It is good know the whole story that is written, but you can read the same scriptures a week later and get more out of it.  II Timothy 2:15 – study to show thyself approved unto God (Yahweh), a workman that need not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.  Believe me such divisions must be accurate, or one can find oneself putting on the wrong section of Gods plan into their lives, making their dedication improperly placed, no matter the diligence.  What other choice do you have for spirit sake?  Who else has promised you any eternal happiness.  Who?

The major point in this is:  we owe it to your spirit self to take a good look, experience a belief of faith in what God has said, pertaining to the death, burial and resurrection of Yahshua the Messiah or Jesus (as they call him today) to investigate for the purpose of preparation for eternity.  I know my spirit self, and at times I wonder if anyone has ever experienced what I have experienced.  I guess if a person had such an experience, say of…….out of body, where they are in the ceiling looking down at themselves, then they’d have to wonder and maybe being inquisitive they will began to seek out answers.  That’s just an example.  There are many people who have had similar or relative experiences.  I’d want to understand.  I’ve had experiences since my childhood, and I can remember a lot of things, even what happened in many of my dreams, I can still remember them.




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