Just One

One to grow in love and cherish.
One to combine and prosper in marriage.
One to work with fulfilling both dreams.
One to help live with what life brings.
One to learn what to appreciate of man.
One to  remind me the woman I am.
One to share with the grace of God.
One to survive with when against all odds.
One to care how much he pleases me.
One to make me blush when he teases me.
One to carry the weight for, when not able.
One to always sit at the head of the table.
One to know when down, is willing to rise.
One to who’s love can be felt through his eyes.
One to have to hold through fears and tears.
One to endure all the above for so many years.
Just one man is what most women really want.
Unfortunately understanding this, some men don’t.
Some crush our innocence in needs of simplicity,
using against us the weaknesses of needs.
So to trust, love and believe in just one man,
I’d guess marriage should take part in the plan.

Author: Cosima

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