Just Because

For some, just because too long they’ve been alone,
and made all of their decisions on their own,
seldom one was there to opinionate their choice,
left only one alone with the power of voice.
Privacy was your very own, to decide to share.
No one intruded, when no other demands were there.
Even for those responsible for raising children’s lives,
like women without husbands, like men without wives.
It was not hard to determine who is boss,
when it came to spending and how much things cost.
Much affection comes from motherhood and fatherhood love,
then privately a little time for someone to dream up.
All in all solitude became a valuable thing,
with your individuality and no one to intervene.
Who is in charge? No one other than you,
because most of the time there’s never been two.

When a new love happens to bring focus to a fresh start,
strange adjustments may be needed for the sake of the heart.
Not being used to being accompanied most of the time,
may become high maintenance to your normal state of mind.
Decisions you used to make all on your own,
becomes a new lesson to learn from not being alone.
Experienced more than less experienced may dominate choice,
and could make it a little harder to express your own voice.
Privacy is suddenly a challenge for more than one need.
Now finding such new adjustments is not so very easy.
There’s a side of you to deal with now, feels brand new,
and too much like a struggle rising inside of you.
Not really looking for a way out, but how to deal with it,
the difference that it is, how to fit in every little bit.
Trying not to pull yourself away and out of love,
not wanting to change all of you, you love and are made of.
You won’t let go, it’s worth keeping, you are convinced.
Slowly evaluate, negotiate, to fulfill each others wish.
Just because how long being both set in your own ways.
Relation may need to grow on each other a little day by day.
Will both of you endure and work it out for the big finality?
Only if powerful be the love, you’ve both decided to keep.

Author: Cosima

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