Can you remember having such a beautiful day,
that everybody’s path you crossed connected
in a warm,  joyful way.
You didn’t think that it could end, moving on
and smiling, and then,
you see a face that is almost in tears.
Felt like a tear in a silk fabric as it
traveled into your ears.
You could almost share the pain.
Took away some of the joy you had gained.
Why was she so very, very sad.
Wonder what heartache she must have had.
Don’t cry my sister.
Don’t let the pain wear you down.
The sun will shine in your heart again.
Happiness is not so far to be found.

You didn’t know while you were so joyful
there were cry’s in your background,
Don’t let your heart empty of it’s joy,
go on and pass it around, soon the cry’s
will loose its sound.
Don’t cry my sister.
Don’t cry my brother.
Little baby please don’t cry
those juicy tears from your innocent eyes.
My heart won’t fade too much joy away
and I’m here to pass it around
and soon your cry’s will loose its sound,
joy won’t let you down.
I’ve been fused by many today.
Joy is here to stay.
I have so much of it to share.
It’s the joy in me that cares,
and joy will have its way,
all day.

Author: Cosima

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