I’ve Got Feelings For You

As many times as I’ve passed you by, before we met each other,
there was not a dot of glitter in my eyes, that signaled possible lover.
Then I heard something pleasing in the sound of your voice,
that awakened my heart from a quiet rest.
I began feeling myself trying to make a choice,
wondering if possibilities are now at their best.

I’m seeing your eyes smiling at me, leaving me feeling teased,
causing me to catch myself responding in a flirty release.
I don’t want to move too fast, I want these moments to last.
Don’t want to have this excitement to fade away into the past.
I’ve got feelings for you.
Loving the excitement in what you do.
Maybe it’s just the pleasure of you, so brand new,
keeping me excited around you.

At the party, while sitting on the couch, sipping my glass of wine,
I happened to glance across the room, and captured your eyes locked into mine.
I couldn’t even blink or look away, didn’t even know you were there,
Couldn’t feel myself drop my drink, and spill the wine everywhere
Now I know the effect you have on me.
How can a simple connection be so weak?

Was this such a bad thing, the whole mess I made? The sudden attraction,
ruining the dress that gave me your attention, without a mention of words.
The power of attraction, is something that is unrehearsed.
I wasn’t ready to be steady, and calm the whole way through.
I know I’ve got feelings for you.
I’m excited by the things that you do.
Or is this just the pleasure, when someone’s brand new,
No matter what, these feelings are true.

Author: Cosima

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