This is an attribute to humanity which must be earned by climbing the ladder of knowledge and understanding.  There is absolutely no escape from building the foundation of being properly educated for this gain.  Even the slightest lack of it in teaching, if someone has little skills in guiding your learning growth, it can ignite the curiosity it takes for you to really, really want to know more, and seek after it.  Not everyone is born blessed with a high IQ ability.  Yet I believe God gives the breath of life to each of us along with a gift to add to humanity.  In order to develop the energy it takes to grasp all you can learn you have to be starving for it.  You have to want that knowledge so bad that you won’t stop at anything or allow anything to hold you back, given the proper sort to sacrifices that must be made.  Getting turned off by any distractions, with respect of certain priorities, or other proposes that don’t agree with your aims.  These distractions coming at you, being thrown toward you begin to look more like temptations that will draw your attention away from that intellect.  Whatever you’re curious about, the answers are not hiding from you.  There are centuries of books of shared knowledge: facts, documentaries, theories to investigate, notes to link to for further discoveries, and what was once complications to now simplify.  It’s the journey in itself of the learning, that is well earned and gained knowledge, understanding and wisdom.  I’m sure the teachers who instill this psychological portion of learning as an introduction to every kind of class, even speech, insert an eagerness, some curiosity, and maybe even determination in students of their class.  It’s like showing them there’s a treasure at the end of this journey.  Inducing the urge to be fascinated with what their minds can develop if they’re diligent in working towards their goals.  BUT, children must, they simply must play, they have to exercise those bodies along with those minds.  This phase of their development can not be exempt.  They need their time to be a kid, they’re entitled to adolescence also, when mischief is forgiven by immaturity (although in this age and time it is for them, dangerous and detrimental).  Imaginations must grow.  Well we certainly don’t want them to over-exert the growth of education with no childhood, sit in a high seat in business or government and then watch the childhood period find its way back into their life and take out the time they lost to be a kid, do we?   They are desperate to be smart, and with every little bit they gain, they believe they’ve accomplished something great.  They even get to a point when they believe they’re smarter than their parents, and other adults.   We know children are the knew creators of the world, and it is up to us:  parents, neighbors, communities, teachers and law enforcement-because of protection, to steer them in the proper direction.  It is a long journey to higher intellect.  Intelligence must be earned, even for some of us who skipped some of those steps in the ladder.  Many of us find ourselves reaching back as if we left something behind.

Author: Cosima

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