In The Mix

They say when you’re in the mix,
got to keep your head above the water.
Some things can’t be fixed,
when it scatters out of order,
there’s not always a second chance,
got to give it up and hope,
the next privilege will be better than,
what caused it all to fall,
to gain nothing at all, but a lesson,
then again, it may all be a blessing,
so let it come to past, until you figure
out what you need to learn from that lesson,
because in the mix, there is a lot of action,
people, looking for some kind of satisfaction.

They say when you’re in the mix,
beware the gifts of gabs sound right,
opportunities they claim to be able to fix,
and when the day breaks into the night,
they’re suddenly out of your sight,
so you may as well play it off,
something else is bound to come around
and you may feel much better off,
it’s never too long you’re feeling down,
just keep your thoughts clear and sound,
because in the mix there’s lots of action,
everybody’s looking for some satisfaction.
In the mix some things can come too swift,
and you’ve really got to be snap ready,
just in case of a sudden shift,
may leave you feeling lost, when it was petty.
In the mix stay on top of yourself,
don’t leave it up to nobody else,
in the mix.

Author: Cosima

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