In The Eyes Of A Liar

While nothing seemed to spark my thoughts
I sat and listened well.
The verbiage chosen just for me was farfetched
and I could tell.
So comfortable I was, and agreed, as I knew some
of it was a lie.
The so called professional sitting next to me
couldn’t look me in the eyes.
My voice was calm and pleasant though disappointed
in much said.
The desire to be a part of this was coming close
to feeling dead.
After I left the need I came with had gone
before I reached home.
No nerves jumping with excitement, energy
frozen to the bone.
Was it my appearance, neat as I was, or the grey
of my hair?
Or was it just my nationality and a provoking
desire to be unfair?
Gee, what an interview waste of time, for a hire
to feel like a fire.
Sitting there passing words of interest through
the eyes of a liar.
Please never allow things to end as if a bad
written letter.
Stay focused on the thought that God is preparing
something much better.

Author: Cosima

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