Imagine This

My thoughts have reached beyond and through the stars,
My troubles have fallen through the abyss of space,
A little imagination captures a lot of intake.
The galaxies far away of many little stars,
are like little children resting in the light of God,
Their innocence deserves a beautiful place in space,
while a journey for a purpose they sit in wait.
Every now and then we might see a falling star
maybe one is chosen then for God’s human art.
Does every elemental equation develop it’s own waste,
that delivers to another equation’s needs to be placed?
Maybe all material things connect in a calculus affect.
One linked to another and placed so perfect.
Ever wonder if all spheres of vapor around our planet breathe?
The breath of life is something most life forms need.
Heard an echo of my own inhale/exhale through the trees.
Couldn’t believe what I was hearing, sounded too much like me.
Does thunder clear the throat of a storm, is lightning a sneeze?
If nature is that simple we should all honor world peace?
But nature is untamable, can be deadlier than all human beings.
Our hope and faith in it is better than in ourselves it seems.
Of all of God’s creation it is mankind destroying each other.
Testing ways of destruction instead of depending on one another.
Pray for our ignorance, though intelligence has brought us far.
With intellect being eternal, are babes in it, all we are?

I imagine the Crown of God’s Body to be Eternal Knowledge,
Eternal Wisdom, and Intelligence Eternal. Wouldn’t it be
wise to move about in God’s creation trying to gain knowledge
and understanding of God’s own purpose and plan with mankind?

Author: Cosima

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