Another powerful attribute of the mind.  Where dreams are hidden.  Where fantasies and powerful pretends can be performed from.  We can imagine our type of personalities, what fits our character mostly comes natural, but we add creativity to it from our imaginations.  We can equip our imagination with arts we’re attracted to.  Some of us use what surrounds us, though it’s not hard to copy the image we’d rather portray, but to copy is such a tiny portion of the will of our imagination, we can do better than that.  Imagine a person with class, the way they introduce themselves, the way they sit, the way they calmly use courteous actions, how they present themselves in conversation, some still say, “yes sir” to older mature men,  and “yes mam” to older mature women, classy personalities will always be attractive.  In most cases regarding class though, it either comes natural or it can appear too plastic.  We can sink into our dreams, create characters we’re not, give life to the sceneries, even to describe them, give purpose as to a story, and write books about it.  Children are good at righting stories, I wonder if teachers still try to allow them to use their imaginations this way in Elementary Schools, I know English Teachers did before.  Without the power of imagination lifestyles would have no designs.  Yes, there is so much art in imagining, and then we take the knowledge we’ve earned to bring it to manifestation.  I once saw an eight year old boy create a helicopter out of popsicle sticks. He did something with a battery and wires after building it with the sticks, and I saw it move, as to fly.  I thought wow, how old is this kid?  His mom said, eight.  His eight year old imagination was definitely working out something there.  Dancers imagine choreography and work their bodies into doing it.  Music, painting, drawing, all use imagination, and even athletes imagine doing some great moves and living up to what they’ve imagined. 

As powerful as imagination is, it is subject to negativity.  We must be strong in controlling the company we keep active in our imaginary performances.  Our minds are capable of holding on to some wicked, idea’s.  Check it out.  Clean it out.  Why allow a gift so precious as the ability of imagination that can artistically bring thoughts of successes to manifest, to produce works from a dark and destructive side?  It’s almost as if, as in some defiled consequence, imagination can be contaminated.  A beautiful thing becoming dark.

Author: Cosima

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