If I Were A Star

If I were a star, seated far above all storms
I’d light the way to help keep you from harm
I’d pick a special spot to fire up my light
and help guide you in the darkness of night
If I were a star

You choose the way to help me see
without causing so much hurt
How you know to speak the truth
without making it sound worse
I always feel I’m so loved
you’re gifted that special way
I’m happy to have you in my life
I deep-heartly want to say

If I were a star, I’d reflect who you are
a smile from you never seems to be so hard
it’s what  originally comes from your heart
whoever you befriend will never part

If I were a star, I’d fire with desire
the many hearts I see and admire
like how precious you are to me
I’d be the light they’d feel and see

Author: Cosima

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