I Pray

In the name of Jesus, I ask for protection for all, from the pestilence who seek to devour the gifts of life, the joy in its offerings and sharing, and attraction of its profession, the love that binds our happiness, the challenges that put pleasure in our triumphs, the group efforts that feeds dignity into our sacrifices and create friendships between individualities.  Please strengthen this concern in all world leaders.

Don’t allow the doors to close that set fourth the courses in society that provide help to the suffering and the damaged, who with the slightest determination they can muster struggle to hold on to life.  For them that anger of it, dilute their anger into the void.  They are not angry because they are being helped, they are angry because they need the help.  So please soften their acceptance to assistance, because those that put forth the effort, take pleasure in success of aiding people back to a healthier life, even the enduring service of those that make pleasant their last days.

In the greatness of the name of Jesus, open the vision in the back of the eyes of those that allow hate and vengeance to press their finger to the trigger, that not all of their enemies are on the outside of their vessel.  Many abide within our own hearts and minds, beside our thoughts and feelings, tempting, suggesting, testing our weaknesses, with crude ideals that we may be used to perform the works of evil.  Being born with the knowledge of good and evil means the presence in our thoughts and feelings is not always good company.  Trust in God.

If God be willing, please show them a miracle no man can take credit for, that they will acknowledge the highest power.  Many have refused to acknowledge the message God has prepared for mankind.  The historical evidence of his purpose and plan written throughout the Holy Bible.  They tend to make many excuses for themselves, believing in documentaries instead, relying on little proof and lots of theory with no spiritual value of promise, instead of studying the word of God until it feeds the increase it takes to magnify in faith, and believe.  Being lackadaisical of understanding that they are not just flesh only,  but spirit beings as well, and their is a destiny for flesh, and another destiny for the spirit.

How can they understand if they’re not attracted to the words of the teachings, to listen to what is being said.  For you have called upon many to teach, and they continue to teach whatsoever the increase you provide in them to do.  Will the many who are lost ever catch up?  I am concerned because I feel the rapture is very near.  There are those I have grown to love and care about.  There are many I just don’t want to think may suffer.  From family, to neighbors, and friends, even they that don’t know me, and they that hold feelings against me, because of the wrongs I’ve done in life.  I want to see them safely cross into eternal heaven.  No one should suffer a penalty of damnation because of a challenge too hard to avoid the chance of loosing.  The challenges between good and evil is like a war, and like war there be many battles, some we win, some we loose, and the suffering of being wounded in between, well…………….we are cursed, but the solution is escaping many from interest………….Jesus being part of their lives, they are blind to.  They thought it was luck, when it was Jesus.  Every miracle they’ve claimed, it was Jesus.  In the face of denial, let them not be tormented by their ignorance and stubbornness to accept the one and only worthy sacrifice that has even carried them through life without their knowledge.  Show them a miracle that will direct their attention to your purpose and plan, so they may be prepared for the ultimate journey, a life greater and more abundant without error for deception.

I know Matthew 7:13 –  It says, “Enter ye in at the straight gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in there at:  Because straight is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto eternal life;  and few there be that find it.

I know there is no greater miracle, no greater gift, than the gospel of the faith and belief of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, along with the promise of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit for all mankind.  It’s no lie and it has happened, but is not awaken in the consciousness of too many.  It is the zenith of all works of creation, for one to have taken within himself all the sins of all mankind, doing away with them, so that mankind be forgiven for all trespasses.  The whole world needed this miracle, this gift, this survival, and God knew and prepared it.  Passage don’t get any more narrow that this, and it may seem discourteous to ask for another miracle, because His Majesty is not replaceable.  He has fulfilled the most importance of all mankind, preparing for eternity, what last forever, what is more than flesh.  I’m not being demeaning of this.  I just know there is a Holy Spirit, I know there is a God, it’s personal, no one showed me you, better than you.  I thank you with every breath I take for life.  What will help others acknowledge you too, before it’s too late.  Remove their stubbornness, open their eyes and their inner vision, broaden their minds to your greatness, sit in the seat of their consciousness, just for a sparkle of their attention, give them something they can’t forget.

And please, no matter what happens, let me not waiver in my own faith.








Author: Cosima

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