I Pray For You A Miracle !

I pray for you a miracle, what would be your choice?
In Yahweh’s name I pray though you don’t hear my voice.
As you read what I am saying, please know I am praying.
I know God will hear you too, just as he hears what I’m saying.
Don’t wonder how this can be, just because we’re far apart.
There’s a hope of a miracle for the whole world inside my heart.
Hope for healing, no more killing, world peace at last to start.
Even for a miracle to be made personal no matter who you are.
I want you to be safe to share love and happiness with all,
as all your worries dissipate, and no ones left to be appalled.
You’ll never loose God’s love, because God’s love will never change.
I pray you strengthen your faith, for what faith is able to gain.
I pray those become affected around you to accomplish the same.
I pray for you a miracle will happen before you blink an eye.
that God will show he’s with you, not just anywhere in the sky.
When you speak to God, God hears you, just like he hears this prayer.
Any voice that speaks to our Heavenly Father, he hears from anywhere.
Something wonderful to come to aid you, or someone else’s need,
that’s the miracle I wish for you to have the Heavenly Father please.
Yahweh is still working miracles each day, want one to come your way?
I know once his presence enters into your heart, it is there to stay.
Why you? I’ve learned the value of love, the way of its prominence.
It has no limit, but the lines we draw for us, for it is Omni-presence.

Author: Cosima

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