I Must Pray

Thank you God of Heaven and Earth for all that you
have done, for the death, burial and resurrection of
of Jesus, I thank you, and for the gift of the Holy Spirit
and this age of Grace, I thank you.
I must pray for our leaders filled with personal debating.
God help insure information in which the country is awaiting.
God fix their hearts to only say what they intend to do.
First and most foremost we all naturally belong to you.
Remove the veil over our faces, representing the untold,
so exercising hope for success in our country begins to mold.
God prepare us, the people, to all vote for this election.
Eliminate the arguing that may cause voter rejection.
Illuminate our thoughts and visions with what we need to hear,
in a way that our decisions we make for ourselves are very clear.
I do pray our government is sitting on the shoulder of Jesus,
acknowledging the responsibilities they’re given over us.
We all are aware to handle such a position can be very tough.
Please give them the inspiration to support this country enough.


Author: Cosima

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