I Miss That Part Of You

There was a time I loved you so much
a simple touch and I was happy to be dizzy
love would pierce from your eyes and reach
mine to move all through me

Is it that we know each other now too well
those moments have grown old and I can’t tell
that way anymore, how you love me

Do we start all over
to capture what used to be
is this what it takes
to see love how we used to see
I miss this part of you, do you miss it too

There was a time you needed to grab me and
hold me, before I barely entered the room
and my mood swings would read to you how
I really needed you

How did we get around those little things
sensations and gentle smiles it used to bring
that left so much sunshine in our day

Can we start all over
go back to what use to be
do you miss what I miss
or have you grown away from me
I miss that part of you, don’t you miss it too

Author: Cosima

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