I Like Romance

I like romance
a kind of flirty attraction
not much excites me better
for an elusive blush reaction

A romantic charisma
can draw so much attention
it’s hard to push away
that kind of magnet in him

You may smile because it’s clever
that he put a sparkle in your eyes
though his looks can be whatever
if romance is his disguise

How many men are shallow
of gaining attention that way
only a gift-of-gab skillful
in whatever he has to say

Romance can be breath-taking
when your eyes and his reach lock
something glides lightly between you
something you’d like to feel a lot

So I like romance
it makes connections at heart
and rekindle back to beginnings
that were charming from the start

Men should use romanticism
so attraction has little absence
though a woman may never mention
that it may often keep her convinced

Author: Cosima

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