How Refreshing It Is

I once thought I had an empty heart, thought nobody loved me,
and to be in love again could possibly never be.
Seemed like my heart had fallen all apart, and I really didn’t know,
that love had the power to come and find me.
I was lost in a wonderland, without a road to somewhere.
Wondering if I’d have another chance, and if anyone cared.
I may as well had been flying just to feel some empty air,
trying to imagine love is here, or was I just not seeing very clear.
Then one warm and sunny day, I saw something coming my way.
Approaching like an ocean wave, with no fear I stood ready to take
What I saw appeared to be clear and clean,
didn’t look like it could damage anything.
it went through me like a soothing sting,
and like a swifter got rid of all I didn’t need.
Now I know love was never gone, it was just dormant for a while.
I’m suddenly so refreshed, I can’t help but keep a smile.
It’s like a new day, love came and found me some way.
There is something special about love, if you want love and are
willing to share love, Jesus will pave the way for love to activate.
He can remove doubt from your heart that gives life a new start,
his light illuminates positive thoughts and feelings trapped in the dark,
causing the darkness to dissipate as the light strengthens.
I want to thank Jesus with all of my heart, because I know how
much I need him, and from him I’ll never part,
and I am so blessed to know how refreshing this is.

Author: Cosima

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