How Can It Be We Do Not See It?

Is it truly everybody else’s fault?  Being African American, I’ve gotten old enough to see history unfold in ways my parents and grand parents did not get to witness.  My race of people have climbed many ladders our ancestors would have never believed possible for African Americans to accomplish.  God has permitted.  I am proud of my people and I have much love for my people.  We’ve come too far to become our own worst enemies.  Beaten, hated, misused, abused, raped, intense suffering, murdered just for being black, discriminated against in businesses and employment, even damaged by double-standard laws, riots, and were called animals long before we were accepted as simply being human, lynched, hung, burned, and shot all for the petty racist reasons that surrounded being black.  History has it: during the time of our slavery we were subjective to the Willie Lynch Syndrome, oh if some of the young today who have forgotten where we come from would read this, which can be found easily and read on the website, maybe they would appreciate more the blessings that followed those who fought long and hard sacrificing their whole lives for a moment like what we are living now.  A chance for something better in life.  Every little detail of negative causes, bringing negative effects throughout our families history has been instilled within our heritage to be affective for generations to come, according to this Syndrome. 

Today, I don’t think anybody is killing my people better than we are.  How be it – we can’t see it?  When will my race stop following the down-lifestyle-spiral, and I do mean following?  We will never be indistinct, until time ends we will always exists, but we must get past this self afflicting hunger of rage being done to our own, by our own.  We didn’t get this far to hurt each other.  Guns are designed for killing, whether for protection or not, they are instruments to kill with.  Guns and drugs, what a very old toxic conception we still embrace that continues working against us (and let me not forget to mention, most of the core problem is based on money).   However, we have the power of choice, to do good, or to do evil.  Evil is the wrong choice to service, because its only reward at the end of the game is destruction. 

The laws are for everyone.  There are no laws for us and laws for them over there, and them around there.  Double standard laws were magnified to the fullest by the Black Panther Party during the mid and late sixties.  Many of us will never forget the cases we read about in their newspapers.  How that laws can be used to be twisted for someone or against someone, for long term sentencing and short term sentencing.  Hope that’s different now.  Seems the perception of the guilty though, doing time since back when, has shifted, gone from “time lost from freedom of life”, to “time honored for experience of reputation”.  Meantime the slabs haven’t minimized, and I’m certain the Cops are as stomach-turned about seeing them over and over again as the people in these communities are for their lost, along with their fear for the love ones still living.  Families don’t like to see their relatives in jail, no more than they like to see them on a slab.  I know they (the cops), have done some wrongs, but if I’m not mistaken and I know I’m not, their presence can be felt when they are there and needed in time of trouble.  We are glad to see them, we are relieved when they’re present, the ease on tension can be felt.  We will never stop needing their protection.  We need to work better with them than against them.


Author: Cosima

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